national hangover day

January 2, 2010

except for the fact that i’m not hung over because i actually didn’t drink last night due to the fact that i got really messed up a couple of nights ago. but i still had a really great time! gallivanting around the streets of san francisco in the middle of the night with great friends is always a good night though.

starting off the night at my house, moving to another friends house, muni to embarcadero to dance under the fireworks without music, back to the other friends house, back to my house, breaking into my house because i had no key, staying up until 7:30 in the morning to watch the sun rise on the beach.

that’s essentially the night in a nutshell. and it was so epically awesome i can barely handle it. that last month of 2009 was probably one of the wildest months of my life. so many things happened and i had no idea what the hell was going on. it was a great month, and a great year and i hope that 2010 lives up to the hype.

i have so much planned for 2010 it’s hard to believe i’m going to accomplish it all in one year. but i’ve got to do my best. i know i’m staying in san francisco until the end of the summer but i don’t know if i’m going to keep staying there through the fall or if i’m going to move to santa cruz then. i’m just playing it all by ear for now. god damn who the fuck knows where i’m going to go.

i’m watching jackass right now, and they’re talking about india. i want to go to india so bad. that would be amazing. i’m not sure if i’d want to go with the guys from jackass though…actually no that’s a lie. i totally would want to. that would be awesome.

but i just saw a commercial for a new michael cera movie called youth in revolt. i totally want to see it.

apparently it comes out januray 8th. the one year anniversary of me moving to the city. it’s crazy to think i’ve already been living in san francisco a year.

i seriously need to go to bed before i mentally injure my body from lack of sleep {only 5 hrs of sleep to be exact: 7:30am to 12:3pm}

until later. x


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