i am exhausted . . .

January 3, 2010

i’ve had barely any sleep the past three nights and honestly i have no idea what i’m doing being awake right now when i probably should be asleep.

i went and saw the princess and the frog today because john told kelci it was amazing and since i just saw john a couple of a days ago and i saw kelci a couple of hours ago i decided to go see it {kelci being my best friend in santa cruz and john being john lasseter, pretty much the inventer of pixar and yes i know him. be jealous} it was freaking adorable and yes i did cry at a couple of parts.

but this evening was definitely more exciting than i was originally planning on it being. at the end of it i went upstairs to party with the housemates and had one too many tequila shots. honestly thank god for autocorrect otherwise i’d be completely incoherent typing this thing. but yea, just finished watching zoolander, great fucking movie. love that shit. why the fuck am i writing a post right now. stupid as fuck. going to sleep. more later. x


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