the daily bugle

January 4, 2010

so even though it’s 12:31am and technically monday, i’m going to write as if it’s still sunday because that’s how it feels in my mind.

i’ve finally gotten my flickr updated {so go take a look at that, link’s at the bottom} and i’m very proud of this because i haven’t updated it in quite awhile. but yes today was indeed a good day. i went gallavanting around the fillmore and haight trying to sell some old clothes {it sucked though. i made barely any money} and went an saw an old friend who works at amoeba.

then i decided it would be a jolly fun time to run around embarcadero with a couple of friends/coworkers and then go spend a ridiculous amount of money and barely more than adequate food at joe’s crab shack. but the experience was worth it.

yes the night was indeed eventful. Dasha and Kay {both pictured} bought a bucket of lobster for almost $50, Kay cried when i told him the sea lions left pier 39, and Dasha was amazed by the size of the sausage.

oh and a couple of nights ago we hung out at my friend travis’s place. i didn’t take these pictures but they were taken with my camera and i love the way they came out. for travis having nothing to do with camera’s sure did one hell of a job.

{last photo: myself, kelci, travis}

oh man. got to love the friends. well tomorrow is going to be a very exciting and busy day. better get rested up. peace.


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