new changes new beginnings

January 7, 2010

so it’s a new year. and i’m trying new things. well not necessarily but i really think it’s time to make changes in my life that i’ve been wanting to do for awhile. i know everyone always says that but i really do want to make changes. not about who i am but just generally things that i should already being doing but am not doing. just some epically serious changes.

first things first. for once i want to get in shape. and not just saying it and then getting over it, actually doing it. i signed up for a spinning class and will hopefully be taking other classes as well. i also want to be able to touch my toes. got to get flexible! and get in shape! also i want to start eating healthier and stop eating out so much. i’ve been spending way too much money on eating out and going out. so no more, time to eat healthy and get in shape!

secondly, i need to seriously start saving my money. i’ve spent more money in the past year than in my entire life. normally i’m a little more frugal but not this year. so no more. i don’t need random things that i think i need. i’ve got to work hard and save up because i have never been more broke in my entire life and if i want to travel around the world i need some fu*king money. so i’m going to sell a couple things. in this economy though i don’t really know how well that’s going to go. but i’ll find out i suppose.

thirdly, i need to seriously clean out my place. half of my stuff i just do not need here at all and it’s just taking up unnecessary space. i just need to clear it out. out with the old to make room for the new. just going to get rid of all the crap from throughout the years. gonna be done and done.

i’m going to need some help keeping up with these resolutions. do any of you readers have new years resolutions?


One Response to “new changes new beginnings”

  1. Ben said

    haha yeah, not to drink for a year. o_O

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