school starts tomorrow…

January 10, 2010

It’s a new semester, at a new/old school. Time for a fresh start. Kind of. For someone who should be in their junior year of college, I sure feel fairly far behind still going to a junior college. But I have to make due to transfer to the college of my dreams, UC Santa Cruz. But first I have about a million things to do tomorrow, I just hope I don’t go nuts.

To-Do List for myself:

-Get up and go to school
-Buy books for classes
-Ship back broken PS3 I bought on eBay
-Mail letter of changes made to college application
-Organize old room in parents house
-Do other things

Can’t you see how incredibly busy I am? I mean sheesh, I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done. But you know I’ll just have to make due I suppose.

I am really excited for my spinning class tomorrow though. For those who don’t know what a spinning class is, it’s really just sitting on a stationary bike and working your guts out. I’ve been feeling like such a blob lately that I really need to just get fit. So yea, I’m stoked on this class. Especially since I’m a little too lazy to get motivated on my own. So I figured being required to go to an actual class I’ll be way more motivated to get in shape.

But anyways, enough talking about lame things. I’m sitting in my living room in my parents house because it’s closer to my junior college than San Francisco is. Family Guy is on adult swim. And I’m hungry. Wow quite the predicament. Also I’m broke. Sorry to complain but these things happen. Maybe the folks have cereal . . . I should go check. Not now though.

God who would want to read this? This is awful. I need more interesting things to write about. Nothing comes to mind immediately so here’s something to get your blood boiling.

ew. I’m throwing up as I look at this. More later! x


2 Responses to “school starts tomorrow…”

  1. Bryan said

    i read your blogs lucy 🙂 and cody says hi!

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