How do I even begin to describe myself? Well I’m twenty years old, a college student,  and living in the city of fog, San Francisco. I love photography but I wouldn’t say I’m a professional photographer {far from it actually} but so far I’m loving living my life behind the lens.

So I’ve decided to write in this blog to share my inane thoughts with whoever is willing to read them. I’m a commuter student just trying to get through my day to day without too much hassle. But living in San Francisco, and traveling constantly around the bay area and California proves for some exciting adventures.

I don’t write about anything in particular or specific. Just things I find on the web, my thoughts, and the experiences I have in my day to day life. Luckily my camera is on my shoulder 90% of the time and I can capture these ridiculous moments on film. {well it’s a digital camera so not necessarily film but close enough}

I’ve always wanted an old fashioned polaroid, but because the film is out of production and therefore expensive, I gladly make due with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, my love and my life.

So there you have it. A brief overview of what I’m all about. So now read what I’ve got to say, I swear it’s not all meaningless. :]


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