These are not the droids we are looking for

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I love checking out this guys flickr set, Stormtroopers 365. It’s so clever and done so well it’s inspired me to get my own little stormtrooper figure. This photo is just one of my favorites in the whole series. I just had to blog about it. Great work Stéfan! Keep it up!



January 11, 2010

a matter of balance

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At first I was fairly confused on the concept of flickr, but I’m really starting to like it more and more. I’ve found a bunch of great photos and really cool photographers. It’s really awesome that it’s a photo sharing service for people who are actually legitamately interested in photography.

I most definitely fell in love with the picture above. Here’s the link to the photographer’s photostream.
I’m truly impressed. Especially with this photo. It just captures everything I love about photography. I hope I can eventually just naturally see the photo when I look at a view like this.

I honestly need to go running around San Francisco more just taking pictures. I keep forgetting that I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world. I just need to get out there and go. GO.