These are not the droids we are looking for

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I love checking out this guys flickr set, Stormtroopers 365. It’s so clever and done so well it’s inspired me to get my own little stormtrooper figure. This photo is just one of my favorites in the whole series. I just had to blog about it. Great work Stéfan! Keep it up!


ok ok ok I just discovered this and had to write a post about it.


Just take that in for a minute . . .

Yes you read right. Adidas has officially released their line of new Star Wars apparel including footwear and some jackets. They are SO SWEET! I wish they’d come out with a woman’s line, otherwise I might have to buy the men’s shoes…that’d be a little odd. But whatever! I’d totally do it! These kicks are freaking fantastic! Check ’em out!


Check out the rest of the apparel here.

Well, I have officially finished my first assignment . . . an hour before it’s due. Welcome to college! I head back to the beautiful city of San Francisco tonight. I’ve missed it. But then I had back here tomorrow. fail. Oh well. I know the commute’s killer but that’s the price you pay for a good education, {well that and the ACTUAL price you pay…you know, money wise}

But parking has been such a bitch I can barely handle it. The people here are vultures when it comes to finding a spot. It gets to the point where if you aren’t a cold-blooded parking spot stealer beez you could be looking for parking for an hour. Luckily I found a spot today only my mini cooper could fit into. Man I love that car. I would love to have an old one though. I have an ’02 and while I love it to death it’d be so sweet to have one of the originals.

Just like that little bad boy. I would die for that car {well not really because then I’d be dead and could not therefore drive it but you get the point} I saw one in a used car dealership in Santa Cruz and I should have stopped to look at it but I was sadly running late and when I went back later of course it was gone. I should have known an adorable piece of machinery such as that couldn’t wait around for long.

Half an hour until my next class. Humanities in the Middle East is the name. It’s actually incredibly fascinating and I think my teacher’s going to be freaking sweet. {she’s the one who made the star wars reference last class} I’m standing in the library, {who the heck knows why they have standing computers but whatever} and now my legs hurt real bad. I need to get in shape. Luckily I had my body conditioning class this morning. Sadly I woke up late and didn’t have time to eat breakfast before hand so I felt like I was going to pass out but it’s alright. I feel awesome now. Ate some yogurt so I’m good. Ok I’m starting to ramble again. Write more later.

As my Italian professor would say, “ciao”

College Student Woes

January 12, 2010

so my friend wanted to make sure i added that her boyfriend is fucking stupid and needs to learn how to communicate.

and onward! so i have officially completed my second day of the semester. luckily i got into the math class i needed which is a plus. sadly all the classes i got into are at the santa rosa junior college and not city college san francisco. damn budget cuts. but oh well. my teacher’s are actually pretty cool. my economy teacher quoted aladdin, “you’ve heard of the golden rule? the one who has the gold makes the rules”, another teacher compared the first day of a new semester to a date on eharmony and said he wanted to raise his grade on from a B to an A. another gave a brief history of his life as a broke rockstar in crappy bands during the sixties, and another one referenced star wars. so all in all it’s been a good first two days. and now my social life is officially over. my teacher’s were talking about the amount of homework we’d have and for the first time since i started school back in kindergarten i believe that it will be EXACTLY how much homework they say it’s going to be. To be a full time student you need at least 12 units. well this semester i’ll have 18. yea, i know it’s going to be tough, which is exactly why i know that my social life is officially over. which is depressing because i really like my social life.

the santa rosa jc has been good to me so far though. except for the fact that i’ve practically seen half of the kids i went to high school with so far around the campus. i think to myself, wasn’t this the reason you moved away in the first place? but at least i still technically live in san francisco otherwise i might kill myself. and it’s not just my old high school peers who irritate me about the school either. i mean i wouldn’t call myself a fashion snob {very far from it actually} but seriously?! the clothes the people wear here is ridiculous. and i thought that they dressed weird in san francisco. at least hot straight guys are more bountiful in santa rosa than san francisco. almost all of the great guys in san francisco are either already taken or gay. so that pretty much sucks for me. not in sr though, or santa cruz. which is another reason i’m excited to get there eventually.

on a completely unrelated topic, i went to the deli today to order a BLT {a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich for those of you who aren’t in the know} and this is how the conversation went:

me: “hi, i’d like to order a BLT”
counter guy: “alright, would you like lettuce and tomato on that?”

seriously dude?! yea, i just asked for BLT but hold the L and the T. or better yet, hey dude, can i have a B? no. i asked specifically for a BLT. done deal. order over. maybe it’s just habit for him but honestly, it’s still a pretty ridiculous question to ask. you don’t order a ham and cheese sandwich and have the deli guy ask if you want cheese on that. it’s a given because it’s in the name unless you say otherwise. duh.

i don’t know why but i feel i need to share this.

wasn’t daniel radcliffe just so adorable back then? it was during the days when the better other dumbledore was still there and before he got naked with a horse on stage decided to do plays. oh well, what can you expect from someone who’s trying desperately to escape the name harry potter as his only acting experience on his resume? just like apparently emma watson turned into a total douchebag bitch. {not that bitch is that much better than douchebag, but it sounds a little more elegant}

ok i’m going to stop being a loser on the last night of my social freedom {even though i have homework to do already} and go join my friends who are making mac and cheese downstairs {yes mac and cheese. who said you can’t enjoy it in your twenties?} peace x